I haven’t blogged because I was tired and burned out: I moved to another country on the other side of the world, I started working full-time, and I moved places in the first 3 months of moving abroad. All of this while also studying web development, learning a foreign language, and looking for a job.

The End of the LoF

One of my original motivations for taking a leap of faith was to land a software engineering job after some specific period of studies; this period was meant to last about 3 months. And it did. This was not the only challenge. At the same time, I would be moving to a another country on the other side of the world, getting better at its language, finding a place to live, and eventually hunting and getting the job. Needless to say, this period was full of uncertainty, stress, and excitement. I learned so much about so many things, not only coding or JavaScript. I learned about life.

Although I was able to get myself to build full-stack applications with the latest and most modern technologies such as React, I wasn’t able to land the leap as I wanted: with a software engineering job. Even though I interviewed for many engineering positions, I was always “too junior” for them. After all the hard work that I had put, this turned out to be very frustrating to the point where I burned out: I stopped coding, I dropped The Leap of Faith, and I got a job on a non-engineering subject.

What Now?

One year later, I have healed, matured, grown, and realized how much coding matters to me even beyond getting a job. Therefore I am back at it again.

In the last 3 months, I have completed 3 great online courses: Google’s System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services (this one has a bit less to do with coding), Harvard’s one and only CS50 (for which I built a Python project that I will be writing an article about), and Computational Thinking for Problem Solving by UPenn.

I am more motivated than ever. Plus, with the knowledge that I have acquired in the past year, I feel more equipped and confident to build cooler projects that mean more to me. So what to expect? Expect more blogging, more projects, and more exciting news. The Leap of Faith is back!