This afternoon, I have been following one of the best web development tutorials I have ever followed: Learn the MERN Stack by Brad Traversy.

Now I know that these past days I have been talking about how good documentation is and how bad tutorials are (I am kidding. My intention has never been to trash tutorials), but here is the (tiny) twist…

Before, I used to mainly code along with tutorials. Okay, that is mainly what you are supposed to do, at least with most of them. But what I mean is that, usually, I didn’t take the time to Google or research in greater depth the things that I didn’t get. Yeah, maybe I’d Google one thing or two, but even often times my goal was to finish. 🤦‍♂️ Horrible, I know.

Today, I really took the time to Google and research what I didn’t understand. Every little detail that didn’t make sense for me, I’d Google. This means that I did delve into MongoDB, Express, and React documentation. Needless to say I got into StackOverflow questions too.

All in all, great tutorial. Goes as smooth as a web development tutorial can go. I would only recommend it to those that are at least familiar with the basics of all of these technologies. Coding along for each and one of these technologies would be enough.

You will have to troubleshoot, duh! But if you are familiar with the basics, you will have an easier time debugging it. Don’t worry, you will find your first bugs in the first two videos while setting up MongoDB. 🙃

Full-stack, here I come! 🚀