Throughout this journey I have found many benefits to blogging. Besides the obvious purpose of documenting my experience and aiming to inspire aspiring web developers, I have found blogging to be kind of a mirror.

It helps me see myself through others’ eyes or put another way, I can see myself as if I was another one. I can actually have an opinion on my behavior as if I was having one on another. This is difficult when you’re acting normally on a daily basis. There is no time for this evaluation since you’re caught up “being”. Perhaps some thoughts pop-up after you acted, pride or guilt, but these are frequently based on unreliable memories. With blogging this is different.

When you write what’s in your head and then you read it, it is still an interpretation of what you previously thought or did, but these become more concrete than mere thoughts. If you say “I will do this”, it is possible you forget in a few hours. When you write “I will do this” and you don’t do it…there are a few lessons to be learned.

There has been many things I wrote and said I’d do and did, but there are also many things I said I’d do and didn’t. Am I a failure or a success? Am I not accomplishing what I set myself to do? Or am I not being serious about what I write? Why would I say I will do something and then don’t and why would I do things I never set myself to do? These can be daunting questions if taken too seriously.

For me, they are guides. They are like diagnostic tests which let me know where I am at a certain moment. From these results, I adjust and fix what I don’t like, and celebrate what I do. Regardless of my answers to these questions, I continue going my way towards web development proficiency.

This is what blogging means to me. What does it mean to you?