On The Web Developer Bootcamp: finally and officially, I have finished The Web Developer Bootcamp and have started The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp. The last lectures of the WebDev Bootcamp were on Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and went through some tricky stuff such as the new keyword and prototypes.

On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp: I started and completed the first two sections on the course introduction and on CSS Animations, respectively. This time I’m even taking notes! Like I said in one of the previous posts, I will definitely play with the things I learn from this Bootcamp. So this time I took some time to play with some of the pseudo-classes such as :hover, :focus, and :active. I didn’t actually stop to play with transform animations such as :translate, :scale, and :rotate or with transitions, but I made sure it was clear. However, tomorrow’s section is on keyframes which tackles more of the animations. There are some code alongs so this time I’ll make sure to hop in so I can glue everything together. I will probably modify a few things to make the project more personal and start integrating it or using it as model for possible future side projects. That’s what I did today. I took as example an animated button and made it my own with my own colors and ideas. It was a simple button, but I love the looks.

Animated button

On the backend: After trying to install the MEAN stack and trying to finish the “How to contribute to open source on GitHub” tutorial mentioned in the previous posts, I hit another brick wall. I learned a few things regarding Git, GitHub and the terminal, and that’s cool, but time is gold for me so I think it’s best I leave it for now and I focus more on the Bootcamp, side projects and fCC. Next week I’ll set up Heroku through Cloud 9, which I’ll be using as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). That way I’ll be able to start fiddling around with at least the basics of back end. I set it for next week or the other because I want to have this week and perhaps the next one to build something nice on the front end. It’ll possibly just be some more or less fancy CSS portfolio page or perhaps the LoF version 2.0. We’ll see…

On fCC: I covered possibly 3 to 4 exercises that really required me to delve into the MDN and experiment and search and Google…in the end I got them and boy was that satisfying! I was wondering if it is worth it to spend so much time stuck on fCC challenges. However, I will pursue, at least, the JavaScript fCC certification so worth it or not, I’ll brace for what’s coming.

On Productivity : I’m still modifying my timebox and day planning. Today, for example, I spent all morning (about 4 hours) on the Bootcamp whereas the previous week I thought that an hour and a half was somewhat close to enough. I guess that the fact that I’m also putting into practice what I’m learning makes it way less draining. However, I decided that I won’t necessarily set 4 hours in the morning to watching lectures. I decided that every day can be different. I have a deadline for finishing the course (December 17th), so time wise it doesn’t matter much how I distribute the time during my days in order to meet that deadline. What makes sense is to distribute the time in a manner that I can actually learn, but also to finish by the 17th. So I’ll pay attention to the number of lectures per section, for example. Today I did two sections that add up to 25 lectures and it took me 4 hours. Today, when I plan tomorrow’s timebox, I’ll take into consideration that the next section is 7 lectures long and so on…we’ll see how that goes.

On side projects: last night I had some time to brainstorm a few ideas and came up with some nice new ideas for the LoF version 2.0 and also for a personal portfolio website. I won’t delve into much detail now and I’ll just let actions talk. I’ll just share that I’ll try to implement those ideas with what I learn in the Bootcamp. That way I learn, practice and build projects: 3 for 1.