Had a talk with a friend who wisely suggested I add Photoshop to my arsenal so I’ll be definitely taking part on that track soon. I already have a general knowledge of PS so I won’t feel too lost, but I’ll definitely have to tailor that rusty knowledge to web development utility.

On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

Once again, today was fully dedicated to the Bootcamp. I worked on 2 of the 6 sections of the project startup page in which I started working on yesterday. Then I watched the solution on those 2 sections. Like I said yesterday, I managed to make the web page look greatly similar with some minor differences. I was struggling with some size issues on the images, for example, particularly on the height property. The issue was related to the CSS position property which I find to be a bit tricky sometimes. When I watched the solution for those sections I obviously learned an awful lot of things. Basic things, not even flexbox or animation related. Also logical stuff like creating your own “styling classes” for lack of a better term (or maybe no term is lacking and I just don’t know how to call it). I guess you can simply call it clean or efficient coding. I’m talking about dividing the stylesheet in sections starting from the most general ones to the most specific. Let’s say you’re going to use similar styling on different sections. Why copy and paste those properties in each of the classes that will be styled in the same way? Or even more, why make classes when you can pinpoint those sections by their tag name? This is the kind of stuff I learned today. So I took the time to refactor my code from both of those sections, I cleaned them and with that newly acquired knowledge I tackled the next section in a much more similar manner (that is to the solution).

This is the final product.