A Few Notes On Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I came up with the idea of choosing a main topic per post. Like the previous one deals with location independency, for example, and this one with SEO. I think it’s more readable and perhaps more fun. To be fair, I didn’t come up with that idea, Yoast did. For those of you who don’t know, Yoast has a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin for WordPress. In a nutshell, what it does is that it gives you guidelines on how to make your website more likely to be found through search engines (Google). It also gives you guidelines on how to make your posts and pages more readable.

At the beginning, I started to change a little bit my posts and my website organization to satisfy Yoast’s SEO Plugin’s desires. Honestly, I felt like there was something dirty about this. But why did I do it? Do I really care about whether LOF is found through search engines? For a moment I thought I did, but not really! Don’t take me wrong, I don’t dislike the idea of LOF being found or shared, I’m just not willing to sacrifice the transparency of my posts for the sake of a better SEO score. Nonetheless, I must admit that the guidelines have provided me some light on how to better organize my posts, making not only the writing process more coherent, but also the reading one.

SEO on the LOF

For the moment, I’ve decided to satisfy “the plugin’s desires”, in a way, by choosing a main topic for my posts, if possible, but also allowing some space to share unrelated thoughts and ideas about LOF. I feel like each week is more or less “themed” when it comes to the LOF. In the previous post, I’ve decided to write about location independency because it has been sort of the most important aspect of the project during this week. It has not been the only important aspect and certainly not the only one. The previous week, although the post was not properly themed, it had to do mainly with some technical aspects and so on…following these guidelines, also allow me to write shorter and specific blog posts which, consequently, makes them more readable.

As I said in the first post, this road will be organic and dynamic so expect changes in structure, design, writing style, etc. I think it’s an essential and unavoidable part of the growing process; the LOF website is a coding and blogging sandbox. If better SEO score comes with the change in writing then so be it. My main focus will continue to be, at least for the moment, learning and growing in skills. (This blog is starting to be more political than I thought it would be).