On JS30:

Day 2 of the JavaScript30: a real time vanilla CSS and JS clock. I added a few styles and fixed a little bug that the original solution had. Learned a little bit about the JavaScript Date object and reviewed CSS’ transition and transform properties.

One of the most important lessons that JS30 is teaching me is the problem solving approach. Today, for example, I wasn’t able to smoothly solve the problem. I was able to solve it, but in a WET (Writing Every Time) way. When I saw the solution—and the same happened to me yesterday—something clicked in my brain, an “oh!” or “aha!” moment. What I solved in dozens of lines could’ve been solved in less than 20. I think that is an important skill and I feel like I’m developing it.

On Building Projects:

There’s still work to do regarding my weekly personal projects. I’m still working on my first website which should be done by tomorrow. Today I finished all the of the styling, added some animations, and started working on mobile responsiveness. I guess the next ones will come more natural and perhaps will take me less time. I can’t wait to migrate the LoF out of WordPress and start building my portfolio.

Today was really more work on understanding and continuing to familiarize myself with grid. Tomorrow I think I’ll refactor all grid code lines into the simple yet amazingly simple “grid: “ property line, to begin making peace with it. One doubt I do have is when is it more convenient to use an image as a div background image or as an <img> in the HTML.