A couple of months ago, I wrote about e-commerce platforms. I didn’t know which one to choose. Well, you guessed it, I started experimenting with Reaction Commerce.

First impression: I felt like a hacker. Inevitably, you will have to get into Docker. I like this because I love feeling like a hacker and because I want to get comfortable with the full-stack.

While swimming in the Reaction Commerce and Docker documentation, I realized that documentation > tutorials (I kinda talked about this on my documentation post). Like I said to another web developer: with documentation you definitely have to grind more, but you get a better grasp. And so I swam!

Apart from that, because I learned React from tutorials, I swam for a while in their documentation too. Lovely experience. 💙

Lastly, I have been brushing up my data structures and algorithms skills and digging a bit deeper into what JavaScript really is. Haven’t you noticed that you can do cool things with JavaScript without really understanding what’s going on? Curiously, understanding what goes under the hood is what I find the most interesting.

Although I slept horribly last night, today has been a very productive day and I like where this is going. 🚀