On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

I’m keeping my promise: I’m going all in with React. Instead of understanding the least necessary and continuing, I’m making sure I’m really getting to heart each and every single point. I got stuck with some minor issue: rendering a child element with a rested object as a prop. This is one of React’s peculiar properties (rendering child elements with props) and perhaps that is why it caught me off guard.

After cracking my head and asking on the Q&A, I headed to freeCodeCamp and did all the exercises related to React up until states, which is the next bootcamp’s section. That really remedied my doubts and also calmed my nerves…a bit. All that was taught, I understood: props, defaultProps and propTypes. But my nerves…

While working on React I started wondering if I went to fast. If during these weeks I made the mistake of deciding to finish the bootcamps instead of taking it slowly and getting those simple projects down. Of playing and tweaking with vanilla JS as much as possible. If I made a mistake by not getting into those simpler rabbit holes and, perhaps, specializing in a few of them. That way, at least, I would’ve built already some projects and had something to stand for.

I guess that insecurity is attacking me. And perhaps I am right. Perhaps I went too fast and didn’t go down those rabbit holes and didn’t specialize and didn’t build much. But perhaps not. Perhaps I am ready and this is the rabbit hole to go down through and it is here when I’ll start building stuff to stand up for. But that doesn’t matter now, really. Now it’s time to push through what I said I’ll finish. I’m going all in for what’s left of this bootcamp, I’m going all in with React and even if I can’t stand up for past things because I didn’t spend enough time, I will for what I learn from now on.