If you have heard this one and don’t know what it is, worry not. I learned today.

After seeing this PWA term be thrown around on Twitter and other places, I finally got it. Actually, I just built my first PWA the same day I found out what it was!

Instead of giving you a technical definition, I will just give you the caveman definition: you know when you’re browsing on your phone and the tab of the website has a fancy color? Or you know when you visit a webpage and a box pops up at the bottom of the window asking you if you want to add that website to your phone’s homepage?

That’s a PWA.

Like I said, if you want a more technical definition, just Google it. Ha! I said it. I always look over my shoulder people that say that. How can that be kind in any way? 👀ps, sorry. I guess I vented a little bit there 😅 But mine was funny at least, right?

Jokes aside, if you use React, chances are you already know what PWAs are. But if you are like me and didn’t know, as of now create-react-app comes with a manifest.json, some <meta> tags and other stuff related to this. It’s very obvious so you’ll notice it. Their documentation is nice.

So if you want to build your PWA, go create-react-app now and read that documentation. It’s fun and easy :)

P.S. I almost forgot, here is my PWA 😄