I will probably be talking about Chingu most of the time for the next couple of months. I won’t be formally reviewing the experience or the initiative, but I anticipate I will refer to it a lot since It. Has. Started.

The pre-work phase began last Friday and will last until March 4th. During this week, participants are required to complete a solo project tailored to each one’s skills. If I didn’t mention it before, I am working on a Book Finder that works with Google Books’ API. Sexy!

A pair programming session should also be completed. As of today, I have been set up with my partner and will have to tackle an algorithmic challenge. We will meet up tomorrow.

The community is amazing. Lots of friendly and knowledgable people. So far, it has exceeded my expectations.

If you want to read more about Chingu than the little you can find on their website, you can check out the creator’s Medium profile and the official Chingu Handbook. Of course I was authorized to share that, silly! :) There you will find all the information available on Chingu.

Enjoy! 🍻