On Portfolio:

Node.js is really a bunch of middleware. At least that was my experience today while setting up the back end for my portfolio’s contact form. I set it up following an awesome and easy to follow tutorial from Traversy. Even though I didn’t finish polishing the design, I managed to get it working. Tomorrow I should be done with the form’s design and ready to work out the responsiveness of the website.

Last but not least—and before deployment—I still have one bug that won’t die. I call it the scrolling bug. Whenever you scroll on the page, the sticky navbar’s items light up depending on which section of the page you’re on. It’s a one page website. The way I set it up was by using some math to calculate the pageYOffset of the window and compare it with the offsetTop of the section. If the window is between the section’s offsetTop and the section’s offsetTop + offsetHeight then apply the current class.

Sounds good and logical and it works, but it toggles the class a tiny bit too late. I want to get that transition to run as smooth as possible. However, I do think I know where the bug is and I believe it to be in the CSS. Instead of setting a height, I’ve been tweaking with the apparent height of each section by applying margin and padding to the section’s headers. This extra margin and padding, I suspect, is not considered part of the section’s height. Now you guess the rest. Tomorrow that bug is dead for sure.

On The Leap Of Faith:

I’ve gotten the idea for how the next Leap of Faith could be once I get a job as a web developer or an equivalently credible status. I will create a roadmap for new aspiring self-taught web developers. In case you’re reading this from the future and are an aspiring self-taught web developer, this idea came to mind by asking myself “what do I need now as an aspiring self-taught web developer?” I thought that a roadmap would be useful, but more specifically, a timeline and a schedule based on those of someone who became a web developer.

The idea is to keep these posts that have already been published, just as they are, and produce curated graphs and illustrations on what I did and I didn’t, on what I said I would do and what I said I wouldn’t, but specially on what I did each day. The posts would be here as reference. Whenever someone is examining one of the graphs or schedules and wants to refer to a post to see what exactly I did on that day, they will be able to. Starting from now on, I’ll start writing with that end in mind. This, aspiring web developer, is for you.