Today I had a mentoring session with this AMAZING dude who calls himself JavaScript Joe.

One of the first things he asked me when I vented out my worries was: “how can I help you?” to which I answered “I have the energy, discipline and organization. I just need a finger to point me in the right direction” and boy did he…! I came out with a checklist and all!

He did write a Checklist for Getting a Job but I’m actually talking about a merged checklist from his checklist and the notes I took from the meeting.

This is what I added, which is what he recommended (note that this is tailored to my actual necessities but of course it could definitely be of help to you too):

  • 💬 Pair Program!
    • Check out @thepracticaldev on Twitter (and their webpage), @CodeNewbies on Twitter (and their webpage), and the Gatsby Pair Programming Program; participate in the conversations; and find someone to pair program with
    • 🏁 Goal: to start pair programming with someone (duh!😅) with more experience so you can learn or someone with less experience so you can teach and reinforce what you already (or think you already) know

After the call, I’ve spent the day working on this checklist and I:

  • Checked the “Pair Program!” item shared above (this means that I will participate on the CodeNewbies conversation on Wednesday; pay attention to what’s happening on (their hashtag for conversations is #DevDiscuss); and set a pair programming session with the Gatsby program in two days 😬)
  • Updated my Rock, Paper, Scissors README
  • Tweeted what I learned via #100DaysOfCode
  • DM 2 people on Twitter who do what I want to do and learned from them

Productive day! This really helped me and I really hope it helps you too.

Special shout-out once again to JavaScript Joe. Check out his Twitter, webpage, Spotify playlist, Medium articles, everything! You can find all of this on his webpage. I believe you will find a lot of value.

Thanks for reading! Peace! ✌️