On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

To be honest, this morning was a bit frustrating. You remember that we’re doing exercises in the course, right? Well, last night I finished the lectures on the call, apply, and bind methods, but I didn’t do the exercises so I did them today. The exercises combined these methods with other methods such as map, filter, and reduce. If you know JavaScript, you know that this involves using “this”. The exercises also required the use of closures. It was super tricky.

I reviewed the lectures, but I still couldn’t get my head around the exercises. After 3 hours on the 5-6 exercises, I decided to move on. I did look at the solutions and made sure I understood them and I did. I also learned a ton. After watching a few more examples, things started to make sense specially when watching examples and doing exercises on Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

Regarding OOP, today’s afternoon was all about classes, constructor functions, “this”, “new”, prototypes, __proto__, and prototypal inheritance. Yesterday I said that the “this” exercises were fun, and they were, but they unexpectedly knocked my teeth out today. So today, I won’t say that the OOP exercises were fun…Lastly, I pushed through this section and ended up in the next section installing my local IDE.

The course is using c9, but I decided to try it locally. This was somewhat of an adventure, as the course instructor warned, specially for mongodb installing. But well, I’ve been really meaning to install a local IDE for a while now and I think I did it! Unfortunately, the day has come to an end for me and I didn’t get to test it properly so I’m not 100% sure the database is working. At least NodeJS is working fine. With it, I locally deployed my first “hello world”! The rest of the section will base on defining some of the routes and finally creating a simple todo list with express, mongo, and jQuery. Once again, I’ve been uploading all of this in my GitHub. So if you want to check it out or, even better, if you have some constructive feedback, don’t hesitate. I’d be super thankful.