There is always a first time and today was my first time using an <iframe> tag.

From the experience I had with it, there was nothing extraordinary.

The embedding code for a YouTube video is an <iframe> with inline width and height styles. Keep in mind: these fixed properties are not responsive. So go to your CSS and add those @media queries.

In other news, a big achievement for me: my portfolio will be out tomorrow. After more than a week of hard work, at last…!

Lastly–and this one’s for real (I hope)–the Leap Of Faith 2.0 is almost out. This post is the first to be originally written in markup language. What’s left before launching the new Leap Of Faith is: updating the previous posts to markup, tweaking a few of the theme’s styles, adding a subscription form, and maybe opening the blog for comments.

Should I allow for comments?