This blog post is meant to be humorous so please don’t take this as 100% real advice. Based on a true story.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to work, for the first time, on a plane (I’ve been on planes before, I just haven’t worked on any).

I think this was my main takeaway: it’s uncomfortable. At least in the middle seat of the Economy section.

While preparing my luggage, I made sure to download some coding related podcasts, books, documentation and tutorials. After trying all, I think an uncomfortable flight is a great moment to code along a tutorial, for several reasons:

  • you acquire or solidify knowledge
  • you don’t need a mouse
  • you can binge it, if it’s a light one
  • you don’t feel guilty for putting off work for a tutorial because who can work on a plan without a mouse, really?
  • because of all of the above, it doesn’t add much to the uncomfortableness

I binged almost entirely Wes Bos’ CSS Grid free course. It’s amazing. It’s great both for people with 0 grid experience as well as someone with some knowledge of it. If you’re new to it, you’ll learn it, and if you already know some, I’m sure you’ll learn some more while solidifying what you already know.

Fly safe! :)