On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

Phew! What a D3 packed week. This should end tomorrow. Only a few lectures left on advanced graph types, the final D3 project and then we start with…(drumrolls please)…React! Really, I don’t know what to expect, but I guess I’m excited to jump into such a hyped framework.

Anyway, today I uploaded to my GitHub a scatterplot exercise I did for the bootcamp. Scatterplots look really cool! They’re my favorite amongst all of the other graphs you can plot out using D3: histograms, pie charts, among others. By the way, I confirm D3’s steep learning curve.

Today got intense because we had to format lots of data. That required learning how to use D3 with AJAX and asynchronous code. A real challenge! I’m not afraid to tackle that though. Once again, I can’t wait to tackle on these challenges while building my own projects. I’m not rushing the bootcamp, but I’ve put all my energy on it so I can make project building my full-time for most of December. See you in React!

On Profiles And Goals:

Today I cleaned up and polished a little bit more my GitHub profile. I made it look a bit more professional. I also updated and polished my LinkedIn profile: updated my summary and working experience as a freelancer. I’ve also set as goals or tasks several projects as soon as I finish the bootcamp.

First and most important: building my portfolio. I already have an idea and some styles I’d like to add. The only thing I still have to think through is how I will showcase my projects. I also have: deploying all of my apps that are currently not deployed; working on web based apps and not portfolio or landing pages; writing to an old colleague with whom I had spoken about an app idea; installing Habitica locally and start contributing; among many others.

I still want to follow the roadmap’s suggestion on building 5 HTML/CSS sites though. I already have 2 and a half (I’m working on a third one). My portfolio would be the 4th one. I guess I’ll squeeze the 5th one? However, I think I’ll start adding JavaScript functionality from now on instead of just plain vanilla HTML/CSS.