Genuine question: when people say “Meetups”, are they actuall referring to the app or just simply to meeting-up?

I have been to Meetups (from the app) before, but not in my home country. Yesterday, I went to the first one (not from the app) in my home country: it was A-MA-ZING. Like, if you haven’t been to a Meetup (or meetup) and you’ve been studying in a cave for a few months (like I was), go. But go and talk to everyone that passes in front of you. Really.

There were designers, developers and even lawyers who were simply webmasters for their own websites. Even if you’re starting out, it doesn’t matter, just go. Then you let me know how awesome it was.

I learned a ton just from simply “small talking” with others. People were ultra kind from the moment I went through that door. Great experience.

Connected with others through social media and agreed to continue our conversations for possible future projects.