Remote Job

Remote Job 2

These are just some of the uncalled for location independent job offers that have landed in my email inbox. No, I don’t qualify for those yet and no, they were not personalized or targeted offers specifically to me. But they inspire me because location independent jobs exist! “Of course they exist, Ed. What are you talking about?”, you might think. But that’s not an obvious thing around where I live. Many people around me think that a location independent job is a too far-fetched idea, that I’m dreaming too much or that an office or corporate job IS the way to start. Some people might like location independence more than others, but that is a matter of taste and not a matter of whether they exist or not or whether they are attainable.

Location independence or creating a business? …or both?

I have debated whether the end goal of the LOF should be getting a job as a web developer or creating a profitable business. To be honest, the reason why I initially chose “getting a job” as the end goal of the LOF was because I thought that three months wouldn’t be enough to build a profitable and location independent business. I thought that getting a job was a stepping stone for a location independent position or for gaining experience for a future business, but not because it’s what I truly desire. I’ve read many stories of non-software developers landing a software developer job after 3-6 months of software development studying; that’s definitely doable. But what about building their own businesses? What about selling their services as freelancers or maybe even creating a business around a more creative idea? Wouldn’t that be a leap? At the end, my truest desire behind this whole project is location independency, so why not go all in? Obviously, I don’t have a good answer for that last question and that’s why I’m going all in.

A Location Independent Business

At the moment, the only idea I have for a location independent business is actually freelancing. “Where would I pay taxes, though?”, I asked myself as well as in the Putty Tribe. Yes, I want to pay taxes and do it the legal way but that’s true, I think I shouldn’t worry about that yet. Even initiatives such as e-Estonia, which have sprung with the location independent person in mind, have recognized how unclear this type of situation is. There are certainly complications, but to be honest this doesn’t dissuade me. At the end of it all, I prefer to die trying than to just sit back in comfort, if the doing is not reckless.

Yes, it’s scary. It definitely is. I find myself doubting and even panicking just thinking about the fact that I’m going to quit on my career to create a business (something that I’ve never done before) based on a skill that I’ll self-teach myself…that I’ll approach potential clients and maybe face the fact that they’ll ask for something that I don’t know what to do. Guess what? Doesn’t dissuade me either. Frankly, there is nothing right now that could dissuade me or make me change my mind on establishing the creation a profitable business as the end-goal of the LOF. As a matter of fact, I’ll go strikethrough right now that phrase in the home page and add that my end goal will be instead to create a profitable business. Done. Now, what’s next?