This post is really about contributing to open source, but it’s called “Local Environments” because today, in order to contribute to 2 repositories, I had to install them locally. So here we go!

One of them was Habitica (previously known as HabitRPG) and the other one was Gatsby, the React static site generator.

Previously, I had struggled big time to install Habitica locally, but today went smooth as butter (check out the repo here in case you’re interested). Sadly, I struggled to find an issue I could contribute to. Most of them seemed too complicated for me and the ones that didn’t (labeled good first issue) were already taken. ☹️

As I mentioned yesterday, today I had my first pair programming session with the Gatsby open commnuity pair programming initiative. It was amazing. I successfully submitted my first open source contribution to the Gatsby repo (and got invited to be a part of the maintainers team plus got myself a Gatsby t-shirt😃); locally installed Gatsby; and got myself a few mentor tips. Thanks to Mike Allanson for this!

Also, I created the freelancing profiles on Freelancer and SkillValue, but also read horror stories on Freelancer and SkillValue’s website is acting buggy so I couldn’t successfully submit my profile. 😕 Maybe a sign from the universe?

Lastly, I contacted a local animal rescue shelter to volunteer on remaking their website but it seems they’re not interested.

Will keep you posted. Hope these resources help!