Alright, today I’ll be doing this post in chronological order. No surprises this time. Yeah, I know, I’m sorry.

Anyway, let’s get to it!

On JS30:

I didn’t try to solve the challenges by my own today, but I don’t know why. When I saw the final products I got a little intimidated, I must admit (BTW, did I mention that I started using VS Code? I love it way more than I love Atom). However, the end result was not difficult to achieve. It would have required a lot of fiddling and tweaking from my part, but I think I would’ve been able to do it. At least, definitely the one on flexbox.

I did two today, that’s why I implied plurality in that last sentence. The first one was on flexbox. It was pretty simple: a few banners with some text. The idea was to change the direction of the banners from column to row; this was done simply by applying a display: flex to the container. Then applying display: flex to those flex items so that the text would also behave as desired.

What I liked about this challenge was that it tackled directly the topic on nested flexboxes. Normally, from the courses I’ve taken, they present very simple flexbox examples that don’t bring up certain oddities that personal projects do. The more I use flexbox, the more I like it. I like it even more than I like grid.

The second exercise was on Fetch API. This one was pretty cool and challenging. It was basically a city/state search bar which would fetch data and this data would pop-up depending on your search value. This one would’ve taken me a while, but I think I would’ve managed to tackle on my own. I wish JS30 was more like JS90. This building process which requires an intermediate JS knowledge is really helping me out.

On Portfolio:

Today I went easier on myself. I thought to myself: “one section at a time”. And that’s what I did. Today I spent a few hours working on my “Bio” section which I am pleased with. This approach is less overwhelming. So instead of stressing on the thought “I have to finish my portfolio!”, “one section at a time” seems to work better for me.

Something did cross my mind today: I wasn’t sure I could really put to use a portfolio just yet because after all “how many projects have I built?” Well, perhaps I don’t have dozens of projects, but I do have a few. Maybe looking at a portfolio as an evolving journal makes sense to illustrate my point. Once my portfolio is done, I can continue to create projects and add them progressively. That way it is already done anyway. Besides, I am getting one hell of a practice by building it.

On Open Source:

I found myself my first issue on GitHub today! For personal reasons, I wasn’t able to finish the environment setup, but I will continue tomorrow. It is a front-end bug related to an unwanted horizontal scroll. No one is sure what’s causing it so I’ve decided to take the challenge. The requirements I have: HTML, CSS, and JS. I’ll begin tomorrow.

The Leap Of Faith v2.0:

Whoops! I lied! There is a surprise at the end of this post! Well, it’s just a little one. I know I’ve been saying that the LoF v2.0 has been cooking for a while. But, hey, it’s one big meal! I’ve begun the research considering other blogging platforms outside of WordPress and I think I’m getting closer. As a preview, I’ll share that I’m looking into Jekyll and GitHub Pages. I’ve seen pretty cool reviews on them and they’re free, just like WordPress. I also saw WordPress launched a new update. Perhaps this is the right moment to migrate…or perhaps not?