On Building A Website:

So I’m building my “first” website. It’s the first to be plain HTML and CSS. I’m not using WordPress or any other platform. I’m also not using any framework like Bootstrap. Some students are making a school presentation about an enterprise they’ll be fictitiously representing. Their fictitious Mexican enterprise is—once again fictitiously—preparing for another company a team building trip to Ecuador. I’ll be designing the website for the Mexican company called Soleana.

There are a few things I don’t know about hosting an HTML/CSS built website. I mean, I’ve never done it so I don’t really know what there’s to it. I’ll prepare Heroku just in case it works because I think you can host for free…? In any case I’m already paying for a hosting service that I’d gladly use to host their website. I’ll be definitely sharing with you the final product.

On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

I’ve been fully dedicated to working on Soleana’s website so I didn’t work on the Bootcamp today. Will retake tomorrow.

On The Roadmap To Become A Web Developer:

I saw a cool roadmap on GitHub about what you need to learn to become a web developer. It delineates different routes depending on what kind of developer you want to become. I think it is very well made. As for the front-end track, I’m almost there for what the roadmap indicates as being enough of a skillset to land a job or starting some freelance work. I think I’m really making it. I’ll follow the advice on constructing 5 HTML pages and then styling them with CSS. Tomorrow, I’ll be one down and 4 to go. One of those other 4 is going to be my portfolio. If you’re reading this and you need a webpage, hit me up. My email is ed@theleapofaith.com. I’d love to have a conversation with you.