On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

I can’t. I really can’t. If something has characterized me during my whole life (and I’m not even exaggerating) is the lack of presence of the phrase “I can’t” in my vocabulary. So the little times I’ve used it—and I swear I can count those moments with one hand—it’s because I really can’t and not because I don’t want to. I’ve hit a brick wall with React.

I mean, I could keep going, but it’s just going to make things more complicated, unproductive and frustrating. Here’s the thing: I don’t feel that comfortable with HTML, CSS or JavaScript. How’s that for a reason? Even more, just check where React is in this before mentioned roadmap. With the tools I have already collected, I can start building real projects. With the tools I have and with more practice, according to the roadmap, I could start contributing to open source, getting a few freelance gigs or even applying for a job. That would definitely have a positive snowball effect.

The New Plan:

This doesn’t mean AT ALL that I’ll quit coding. Are you crazy? I’m just getting started. Today is the one month anniversary since I started intensive studies full-time. Starting this next week, it’s going to be intensive building full-time. I’ll start from where I feel relatively comfortable with a little bit of discomfort. And from there I’ll start going. No rush this time. No breezing a course or bootcamp. I will pause the bootcamp for now and then I’ll come back when I feel ready.

The time was not lost. I learned a lot. Specially the ultra useful sections on ES2016-2017, advanced array methods, closures, the ‘this’ keyword, among others. I will begin following the roadmap’s suggestion. Since the beginning of the Leap of Faith, I publicly declared that one of the biggest challenges was deciding on what route to take. I don’t have a mentor or anyone guiding me so I’m obligated to improvise. This is the manifestation of one of the consequences of walking the path alone.

This feels like a small failure, a cul de sac. I have to step back and try to open way in another direction. The roadmap serves as an isolated yet seemingly useful path some took, some time ago, but there’s no reassurance that it’ll be the way. I have good vibes though. Tomorrow is reorganizing day. I’ll establish my new routines and my new short term goals. Building, building, building. Here we go.