On My Second Website:

Okay, okay, go ahead, check it out. Okay, cool, you’re back! I hope you liked it. Since you’re probably reading this from your phone, as of today, the website basically works responsively in mobiles, but for some reason it keeps its original size when it’s supposed to shrink. In other words, you’re probably looking at the desktop version, but all the way zoomed out. I’ll be working on that tomorrow to make sure mobile users have a nice experience. Take a look on your desktop computer if you want to. I believe it’s a short nice thing to look at.

The website was built, once again, using only HTML/CSS with no framework. This was basically for more practice, but also for learning how to use grid. The photo gallery section was built using grid. It’s pretty cool and pretty intuitive. My next website will probably be built fully using grid. While it’s true that not all browsers support it, the most modern ones do. Besides, I feel like keeping up with the latest technology is kinda mandatory. And anyway, the people looking at this are probably up to date. Lastly, this website was all original and invented by me. No code along, no tutorial, no nothing. I feel kinda proud about that.

It’s the beginning of the third week and I’m already building stuff of my own. When I look back to the not so remote beginnings of the LoF, I can already see a huge difference. This website was deployed locally and pushed to Heroku. Remember that for the previous one I was using c9 as my environment. Now, I’ve started to set up a local environment. This is all getting pretty exciting. This website was all pushed to my GitHub profile as well.

On A Job Possibility:

Every day, part of my routine is to check several web development Slack and Discord channels, forums and online chats. Today, I was checking the Gitter channel from the Udemy Web Developer Bootcamp Course I finished a week ago. There was this guy who talked about a cryptocurrency “agri fintech” project he’s leading in South America. Pertinently, it involves smart contracts and JavaScript.

For a moment, it sounded like I was the one for that job: because I have a legal education background and because I’m immersing on web dev, namely Javascript. He was asking for a CV and a portfolio. I don’t have a CV or a portfolio yet. For the moment, I took his info and will soon work on my CV as my portfolio is already in the midst of cooking. As a matter of fact, my portfolio will be my next website!

On GitHub Contributions:

Today, during my commute, I was listening to the Software Engineering Daily Podcast. I was really enjoying it and I decided to check their stuff out. I ended up in some of their repositories and on some beta projects they’re working on. It’s pretty cool because although they already have some nice foundation for their projects, they’re still starting out. I spotted a possible issue I could help with: documentation maintenance. Sounds like an intern job, but more often than not this kind of apparently tedious task makes you get your nails dirty and you actually learn stuff. Also, I would be constantly communicating with other contributors which to me sounds pretty cool. I might consider sending a message in the next few days to offer some help on that.

On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

Lastly, all my morning (once again) was on the second half of the advanced array methods section: some, every, and reduce. I spent about 4 hours working on exercises to understand and practice these methods. I really like it. I also realized today that working on exercises to understand or learn a programming language is a whole different experience than creating something. It might seem obvious, but to me it wasn’t. I suppose it’s analogous to training for a competition and actually competing. Again, I’m taking notes during this course.

My other 4 hours or so (yes, I’m putting around 12 hours every day and 6 of them are in the morning) were spent on closures and the keyword “this”. Closures were the most obscure for me although I feel I got the hang of it. The keyword “this” seemed fun. I studied and practiced exercises for closures and for “this” methods such as call, apply and bind. I couldn’t finish the section on closures and “this”, but tomorrow I will. I believe it ends with “new”. Next up, I believe, are prototypes.