On Building My “First” Website:

I did it! No WordPress, no nothing, just plain vanilla HTML/CSS. I’m still waiting for some info to update a few things, but the website is pretty much complete so go ahead and check it out! It’s a simple startup page. The buttons or forms really don’t do anything as this is just for a class presentation, but what I care about for now, which is building the web page, is there.

On Current Projects:

I’ve already started my second website. It’s not for anyone specifically. It’s a dummy photographer portfolio. I’ll keep you posted on that. It’s going to have a hero section as well, some dummy text and ideally a photo grid. I still don’t know how I’ll do with the grid. Maybe I’ll use it as an exercise to learn the CSS grid system which I was reading on yesterday. It’ll be deployed in Heroku.

Today I installed Heroku and that’s where Soleana’s page is hosted on. I also spent a few hours working on git and GitHub. I’ve officially started posting my ongoing code on my GitHub profile so feel free to go check it out, comment it or leave some feedback. The more constructive the better! So if you care about the learning process, be sure to check that out periodically as I’ll be uploading almost everything I do to get into the habit of adding, committing, and pushing.

On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

Today’s Bootcamp session was the second part of AJAX, specifically with jQuery and Axios, and on testing with Jasmine. If you want to keep with the exercises I’m doing for the Bootcamp, I’m doing almost all of them on Codepen so feel free to check those out too.

Testing with Jasmine was a completely new topic for me. I didn’t have any idea that testing was done by creating yourself some code. Meaning that you create code that evaluates code. It really didn’t cross my mind. Nevertheless, both fetching APIs and testing doesn’t seem that complicated in principle, as of now. I’m not getting cocky. I know I’m just simply following some videos and trying some simple code. I’m just saying that there are other aspects, specifically backend aspects such as authentication, authorization and RESTful routing, that seem more complicated, in principle, as of now.