On JS30:

Did you know that you can actually design your own video player with HTML and CSS? Yup, you can. I believe that Wes killed it with this one. It’s original, not too complicated and pretty cool, if you ask me.

Side note: if you haven’t done JavaScript 30 I highly recommend that you do specially if you already have the fundamentals.

Global flags, event listeners, and creative ways to solve the different problems. “Delightful” is the most accurate word to describe this exercise’s code.

Wes challenged us: adding a functional fullscreen toggle button. Challenge accepted and accomplished. The code I wrote to solve this problem is on my GitHub, if you’d like to check it out. I used the same principles (such as global flags) that we’ve been applying for this and previous exercises.

On Social Media:

Everyone says you gotta network. Go to Meetups, conferences, and use Twitter. Does someone really says Twitter? I’ve started using it nonetheless, professionally. Here’s what I learned today: hashtags work. They do expose your message. So if you want to say something and be heard, #hashtag.

On Helping Others:

What would you think of the idea of building projects and then giving others the opportunity to contribute? Sounds familiar, right? Sign up on GitHub, look for a “good first issue” and ask if you can work on it. But why aren’t any beginner/intermediate web developers sharing their code for beginner web developers to work on it? If there are, where are they? Wouldn’t refactoring, improving or enhancing the UI of the projects of an intermediate web developer be the ideal code to contribute to for a beginner web developer? Not too complicated, but enough to push them out of their comfort zone.