On Hosting:

So this morning I gave Soleana’s website a few tweaks before the presentation today. This implied having to push everything again to Heroku. Surprise, surprise, I wasn’t able to login to Heroku from my environment (I’m using Cloud 9 as IDE, BTW). It seemed that too many modifications were made regarding the domain, name servers and some stuff of that sort. To be honest, I really didn’t get it, but I was pretty sure that there was no way around it. It also made sense because yesterday I was tweaking name servers, domain forwarding, etc. mainly to learn by trial and error. This implied that I gave my plan B a try: my hosting service.

I’ve been paying for a hosting service for a little bit more than a year now and I had that available, but I still wanted to experiment with Heroku. I’m currently using HostGator and planning to change as soon as my subscription ends. This meant uploading my files to the servers. It was my first time too so I wasn’t sure how to do it. Add to that the fact that I had to change the domain’s name servers which meant waiting approximately 48 hours. I spent almost the whole morning working on this. In the end, I ended up deleting everything I had in Heroku, creating another workspace in c9 and setting up everything as if it were the first time.

This is important stuff and sooner or later I would have had to tackle this so in that sense it wasn’t a loss. But I couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted on today’s section of the bootcamp.

On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

All my bootcamp studies today were on 3 functions: forEach, map, and filter. I spent a few hours practicing each one of them. I’ve constructed these functions myself to have an idea of what’s going under their hood and I’ve also solved around 5-6 challenges per function. I might have some time tonight to work on a few other things, but that’s it for today at least for the moment. I know it might not sound like much, but I promise I spent all afternoon working on those functions.