This post is mainly for those with at least a basic knowledge of CSS Grid

When I was starting out with grid, initially it wasn’t so clear to me the difference between auto-fill and auto-fit.

These explanations did it for me:

Auto-fill FILLS the row with as many columns as it can fit. So it creates implicit columns whenever a new column can fit, because it’s trying to FILL the row with as many columns as it can. The newly added columns can and may be empty, but they will still occupy a designated space in the row.

Auto-fit FITS the CURRENTLY AVAILABLE columns into the space by expanding them so that they take up any available space. The browser does that after FILLING that extra space with extra columns (as with auto-fill) and then collapsing the empty ones.

The credit goes to this article from CSS Tricks.

What I’ve Been Doing

I’ve continued my review on Node.js, Express, MongoDB and Mongoose like I said yesterday.

Also, I have continued to work on my resume and cover letter to start applying for jobs.

Lastly, I am competing for a contest that could be called “Most Questions Answered from The Web Developer Bootcamp’s Q&A.”

The way it works is that every other day, the course’s TA posts a lists of question on the course’s Discord channel and you have about 8 hours to answer as much as possible. The one who answers the most questions by the end of the week earns $20 and at the moment I’m at 1st place 😂

Like always, I will keep you posted!