It’s been 6 months since I paused the Leap of Faith due to burnout; this post is about how I got back up and resumed what I started.

How to Get Back Up

Well, you just do it. Really. That’s pretty much it. From the beginning, I knew that the Leap of Faith project was what I really wanted to do so that conviction was enough to bring me back on board. Now, I’ve finished that stage of my life and have fully and completely entered into the self-teaching period. And now, I have: a lot of work to do, many ideas for side-projects, open source contributions and, obviously, a lot of new ideas for the Leap of Faith. As I said in the beginning, and many times more, the Leap of Faith is the evolving and dynamic web development self-teaching journey. You’ll notice much more activity and upcoming changes on the website, but I don’t want to spoil them or throw them all at once like an ice bucket, so stay tuned and officially welcome back to the Leap of Faith.