On productivity: timebox or productivity wise, it makes sense to take a few minutes break after an hour and a half of watching lectures. Will take into consideration for future timeboxing.

On Colt Steele’s Web Developer Bootcamp: I finished the sections on updating and destroying authenticated data on the YelpCamp course project and watched the section on Git and Github. At last, Git starts to make sense. Before, I had tried to dive a little bit into it, but faced a brick wall so I left it. Now I believe I’m ready to tackle the “Complete the egghead.io tutorial on How to Contribute to Any Open Source on GitHub” goal. Although I feel tempted to jump into this short bite-sized course, I’ll keep tackling the Bootcamp which is my main priority right now. This is more of a personal note, but the section on Deploying makes a very nice and straightforward starting point for any application (note to self: check it out when starting the next app or web based project).

Finally, I got the Certificate of Completion for the course! Although I’m missing like 5 videos which sums up 20 minutes—and which I’ll obviously finish tomorrow the latest—I’m already celebrating! Huge sense of accomplishment. Today’s lessons were really educational and provided very valuable and pertinent information: Git, Github and deploying a website using Heroku and MongoLab. Also, I learned about the importance of environmental variables. Really practical information. Also delved a little bit on the this keyword in JavaScript.

On fCC: I’ve started the ES6 sections and I’m starting to wonder whether these exercises really prepare you. Then I guess the obligated question would be “prepare you for what?” Well, for the most common web developer tasks. I mean, I know it’s worth it to spend time trying to solve a problem in which you’ve gotten stuck, but that is a problem that you’ll probably encounter in the future, no? What about problems that have to do with computing squared roots using arrow function syntax? In the end, I wasn’t able to solve it, but I understood the solution and I have to say that I learned a few things along the way. It is not learning that I’m overlooking, but the pertinence of the lesson.

In more specific terms of what I learned, I will sum it up by saying that I learned about the let and const keywords; preventing object mutation; arrow functions; default parameters; and the Rest operators. Incidentally, this lead me to learn about functions such as Math.pow(), and about methods like filter(), map(), reduce(), etc.