On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

Last night, after I posted yesterday’s entry, I had some time to cover some more ES2015 material. Today, I wrapped that up together with ES2016 and ES2017, and started the section on D3. ES2015 was loaded with new stuff. I concluded with this topic by covering generators, Object.assign, Array.from, find, findIndex, includes, Number.isFinite, and Number.isInteger.

The section on ES2016 and ES2017 was shorter, but still somewhat packed too: the exponentiation operator, includes, padStart, padEnd, async functions, the ‘await’ keyword, the object rest and the object spread operators. And that was it. Same as before, exercises, and assignments. I’ve started giving myself 1/2-1 hour to solve each assignment depending on its apparent difficulty and length. Normally, I solve some of it, but not totally.

Insight Parenthesis:

To be honest, I can’t wait to start building stuff and contributing to open source. In an ideal world, I would take days to delve into what I learn in each section, or, heck, even in each lecture, and build stuff with that knowledge. I guess that in that fashion I would’ve built a dozen or more projects by now. But I am not living in that ideal world. This brings me to a similar scenario as to the one I was while taking the previous bootcamp: I need, at a minimum, to get a bird’s eye view of everything before starting to build fully.

A few weeks ago I said that I would balance my time into studying and building stuff, and I did for a few days, but I don’t want to stretch the study time that much either. I’d rather be familiar with all of the concepts and then reference them while building. That said, my learning will never stop, but once I finish this bootcamp—which I envision should be in the next 2 weeks—I’ll start building and contributing to open source full-time. I suppose that that full-time building and contributing from mid-December to mid-January will really reinforce much of what I’ve learned. I hope. I guess professional-wise, things will be less foggy.

My learning will be, I believe, addressing the doubts I’ll have while building and contributing. These little ones will force me to reinforce all that I’ve learned during the training of these past bootcamps. And when I hit a learning plateau, I’ll maybe enroll in a way more advanced course such as data structures and algorithms (I already saw that Colt has one and I think that he’s by far the best online instructor I’ve ever encountered). But as many things in life, I need to get into the wild and start doing. That, to me, is one of the best teachers.

On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp (continued):

After that short caveat, a little bit on D3. This framework is pretty cool. For the moment, I haven’t seen much, but only a section. I did some refactoring and creating exercises involving solely DOM manipulation. D3’s power resides in data visualization and we still haven’t gotten to that so everything I did today could easily be done with vanilla JS or jQuery. Today was all about selecting, removing, changing classes and attributes, event listeners, appending elements, accessing properties, among others. Essentially, the fundamentals of DOM manipulation with D3.

There are a few sections on D3 and one of them is building a data visualization dashboard. I guess that one is gonna be pretty cool. I’ll make sure to upload to my GitHub all of those projects and ideally to Heroku so I can share them with you. If you’ve been following along this journey, thank you for joining me.