On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

I’ll mention all the topics I covered today and then I’ll comment: the ‘class’ keyword and with it the terms instantiation, instance methods, class methods, the keyword ‘static’, inheritance and the keyword ‘super’; maps or hash maps; sets; and promises, including Promise.all.

Once again, the exposure to these topics continues to nurture that intuitive sense of understanding how frameworks or simply JavaScript works. Now, when I’m working on any project or exercise, and I get an error, there’s no “OMG, what in the world is that?”, but instead “hmm…I feel like I’ve seen that before” or “oh okay, I don’t get quite get it fully, but I guess I know what I did wrong.” But not totally either, eh? This morning, I worked on a refactoring exercise and I broke the code without ever finding out what happened.

On The Leap Of Faith:

Time is running quick and I don’t have much time left. Initially, the leap was supposed to last 3 months, but circumstances have changed and now it’s more like 2. Although I might be able to extend the leap, there is no way for me to know at this moment. My goal is to finish the bootcamp before the second week of December. Ideally, I would start building projects and ideas, and contributing to open source intensively for those last 2 weeks of December.

Hopefully, that would give me some exposure to the web development networking world. From there, the next logical step would be to invest some time in résumé, CV and LinkedIn building, and on interview prepping. Even if I don’t plan on actually applying to a job necessarily, but more like freelancing, I really don’t discard it, specially if it’s a remote job. Honestly, if it’s a remote job, I don’t even care about having a +60 hour work week. Instead, I’d be thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow.