On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

I’m sorry. I really wanted to share the to-do app with you, but I ran into some problem deploying it and I really didn’t want to spend too much time on it. However, if you want, it’s all on my GitHub profile. You can clone it and check it out. It is important for me to find a way to make it work and I will address this, but not right now. For now, I prefer focusing on the bootcamp.

The app is simple and minimalistic. It’s a dynamic single page. For me, the most useful part of having built it is the practice. Also the fact that I can reference it for future apps.

Besides that, today was all about “new” JS syntax. To be honest, I’m not completely sure why the course spends 2 sections on ES2015, then one on ES2016 and ES2017 when we’re already on ES2018. I won’t complain much and I’ll complete them. I guess the historical trajectory will teach me a few things. Having started with ES5 definitely make template strings, arrow functions, default function parameters, for…of loop, the rest and spread operator, object enhancements, and object and array destructuring feel like a blessing.

I spent a few hours practicing some exercises on these topics. Definitely helpful and confidence booster. Something I didn’t share before: having familiarized myself with topics such as constructor and callback functions, for example, has given me a whole different perspective on frameworks such as express and mongoose. Even if I can’t explain what’s happening under the hood right off the bat, it feels like I have an intuitive sense of what’s going on behind these frameworks.

On Networking:

I updated my LinkedIn to add my current job position as a freelancer. I have built websites before using WordPress. I’ve also built a few projects during these 3 (almost 4) weeks. So that’s what I’ve tried to showcase. I also created a provisional résumé aimed at web development. I haven’t invested much time yet preparing for potential interviews or creating a nice and tailored résumé, CV and LinkedIn, but I have spent a few hours to at least give potential employers or colleagues an idea of where I’m going.

Lastly, in about 2 weeks, I’ll be going to my first web development meetup. I believe it’s called a HackBattle although it’s not really a battle. In essence, what it is about is on choosing a side between Angular or React and debugging a purposely bugged application. By then, I have either covered the React section of the bootcamp or finished the bootcamp (hopefully). I’ll definitely keep you posted on that one. Till the next one!