Yesterday, I had my first potential client and I let it drain down the toilet while I was staring at it. I panicked.

I was in a computer repairing store and this lady, out of nowhere, asks me if I know anyone that can build webpages…

-“…” Blank stare

…because she wanted to build a store. And that’s when I screeched.

Whenever I hear the words online store, e-commerce, or any other synonym word referring to this phenomenon, I panic. I begin to have these flashes of tedious and intimidating WordPress setups I did when I was starting out. However, I’ve been researching and at the moment I’ve found the following alternatives:

Many roads point towards WooCommerce, but to be honest, I really don’t want to get into all the nooks and crannies of WordPress and WooCommerce. In order to avoid sacrificing design, I would have to get into WP theme development which means deep WordPress and PHP. I feel that it would mean getting too much out of my way.

My top 3 contenders are: Shopify, Reaction Commerce, and Shopify.

Perhaps the easiest to set up would be Shopify, for clients that want something decent, and the hardest through Reaction Commerce, for clients that want something highly custom. Snipcart could be an in-between?

What e-commerce platform do you use or recommend? Let me know on Twitter!