On JS30:

There’s really no substitute for learning code: you have to build. The combination of challenging myself in the morning, by attempting to build the JS30 challenge of the day before looking at the solution, and building my own projects in the afternoon is truly stimulating. I successfully completed today’s challenge! What that means is that I built the final product without coding along. Then I watched the solution. That’s the way I learn the most.

What we built today was a drum kit. It is a very simple app: when certain keyboard keys are pressed, each one makes the sound of a different type of drum. Basically, you’re playing drums with your keyboard. Very fun to play and very fun to build too. A basic boilerplate was given to us with the basic HTML and styling. Things I learned or practiced: DOM manipulation, keypress events, toggling classes, getting attributes (actually, custom attributes), and playing audios.

On The Roadmap:

In the afternoon, I tackled my personal projects. These ones are aimed at following the roadmap’s recommendation. If you don’t know which roadmap I’m talking about, check my previous posts in which I talk about it ad nauseam. The first achievement was completing the focused-on-structure HTML web pages. Then, I immediately started working on the styling of one of the pages.

I’m working only with grid. It’s way more friendly than flexbox. I’m starting to feel more comfortable with styling. Not designing though. I’m beginning to understand more and more some tricky CSS aspects like the width and height of elements and images. Alignment and justification can be tricky too, but all this is starting to make sense on an intuitive level. I guess I was right: I need to build.