I’ve been all over the place: the JS30, the Bootcamp, tic tac toe, rock paper scissors, the LoF 2.0, the portfolio…it’s true, I’m all over. The truth is that I’ve been feeling a little bit without direction, but not anymore. Current projects are taking me more than I thought they would. Is this right or wrong? I don’t know. The only thing I know is that it is the way it is.

I thought that doing a little bit of everything would contribute positively to my education. The truth is that a little bit of personal projects, of open source contribution and of studying adds up to just a little bit. There’s no concrete result, no true satisfaction, and worst of all, no true project. What do you think will look better on a portfolio, a lot of unpolished exercises or a few solid projects? You guessed it. So I’ve decided to calm down and focus on one project at a time.

On The Plan:

The current project I will be focusing on is my portfolio, for obvious reasons. That way, as I keep creating new projects, I will add them progressively. That way it is done and it is definitely one step closer to a professional stance. That way, I can finally say, I have a portfolio.

Next in line are two medium sized projects I’ve been wanting to do for a while: rock paper scissors, and tic tac toe. The reason these are next is because they’re highly interactive and not too advanced. That way I can test my JavaScript skills. Next in line: the Leap of Faith. I know, I know, I’ll stop teasing. I think this plan is really the one I’ll be sticking too though.

The Leap of Faith is going to be the big test, that’s why I’m leaving it for “last”. Why? Because I’m not only migrating everything, I’m also creating the theme. Bonus points if I can actually “publish” that theme as a GitHub Jekyll theme. I’ll definitely create my own theme, question mark on the publishing part though. However, once I approach the challenge, if I think it is doable even if it is hard, I’ll definitely take it on. But I don’t want to write anything on rock just yet.

I’m done being all over the place. I’m done doing a little bit of everything. Now, one step a time and focused on the road. Each day, the road seems more clearer. There’s still lot of work to do, but I am beginning to see some light.