The other day, when I talked about my workflow, I mentioned my use case for Codepen. Also, when I talked about my goals, I mentioned my interest in getting into design after feeling comfortable with the MERN stack. I’ve been slowly mixing the two.

There has only been one instance in which I saw that someone “designed” in Codepen and it was in a Reddit comment.

I don’t know what designers think of this, but for the moment it has worked for me. I am not a designer and this could be the reason why it suffices. Maybe I am not “there” yet. Maybe, when I go deeper into design, I might feel the need to switch to a web design software.

There are so many to choose from: Sketch, Figma, inVision, Adobe Xd, among many others. Yes, it is a matter of style and taste, but where do you go when you don’t have a style and taste yet?

I don’t mean to get into designing just yet, but I’m trying to slowly steer the wheel there without compromising my current goals.

What I’ve Been Doing

Today I take another plane and I will possibly finish Wes Bos CSS Grid course. That means that in the next day or two I should be done with my Pomodoro timer project, start my Sass studies, and begin my to-do list project.