On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

…and D3. Oh, and SVG too…with D3. I wonder how much I’ll use D3 in my projects. At least, this bootcamp makes sure to teach more than a few dozen lectures on D3. It seems that the opinion that D3’s learning curve is a steep one is pretty unanimous. It’s true that it is tricky and seems like you need some time to get used to the syntax for joining data to the DOM, for example.

The general update pattern (update, enter, exit, and merge) is like some kind of game or dance. I feel like once you get accustomed to this dance, it can be fun to program using D3. Besides there are pretty cool things you can do with it. But once again, I don’t know if I’ll really be using it that much. I wonder what’s gonna be my rabbit hole…I have some attraction for databases and the back-end, but once again, we’ll see…

Lastly, we played a bit with SVGs: explained what it is, some of its elements, path elements, polygons, rectangles, and circles.