On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

Remember yesterday when I said that just because it took me 4 hours to go through a section that that didn’t mean that every day it would take me the same? Today was all day on the Bootcamp. I have to be honest, I was doubting on spending so much time on the Bootcamp and felt tempted to start working on the LoF v2.0 or solving challenges on fCC. I decided instead to keep hammering on CSS animations, keyframes and flexbox. I guess it’s better to tie a nice ribbon on a skill than to leave it halfway hanging in order to cover more ground.

I feel more confident with CSS now and that is thanks to the Bootcamp. This Bootcamp is way much more engaging than the previous one. I spent more than 3 hours solving an exercise and I’m not even halfway through. It consists on building a startup site and I love it. That is exactly what I’ve been needing, some decent and complete exercises. The site is all to be built using only HTML and CSS; using flexbox, animations, transitions, and keyframes. It also has to be responsive so that involves using the recently learned media queries. So far I’ve been getting stuck in a few things, but boy am I learning. Today, I conclude with an almost completely identical animated navbar and jumbotron than the one from the project.

Colt explains flexbox like no one. He really transmits the idea in an intuitive way and since I’m taking notes, whenever I forget something I just have to head to my notes and refresh a little bit. I’m excited and looking forward on finishing this startup site soon. I’m feeling confident and happy with my progress.