Yesterday and the day before (this past weekend), I took off. I had what I now like to call, a creative weekend.

Most of my time I either spend planning what I’ll do or doing what I planned. I have little to no time to just freely be withouth previous planification; this is what I did this weekend.

Life hasn’t always been like that for me. Of course I was once the person that didn’t plan and just freely did. After so much time, the experience was quite noticeable: I was forced to be creative. I had to decide what to do, so what to do?

I played with Codepen Challenges, I began designing an architecture page on Adobe Xd, and I even applied for a remote job for a junior web developer position!

I am yet to discover the true power of creative weekends, but I’ve began to experience it. What do you think about creative weekends? Let me know!