On The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp:

So I’m building my first web app. And when I say app I mean interactive, AJAX built with node and mongo. In the end, the mongoDB installation went well. Last week, I was hitting a wall with git. Today, I’m adding files, committing and pushing to GitHub every day.

Up till today, I’m working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, NodeJS, MongoDB, Express, and Mongoose. I also take the time to analyze the code I write from the code alongs and understand that there are fundamentally involved constructor functions, the “this” and “new” keyword, and advanced array methods in almost all frameworks and npm packages. For this todo app we also built an API. The app should be done in the next few days and, as always, I’ll be sharing it with you. Ideas are lining up for me to start building. The personal portfolio and the LoF v2.0 are insistently honking their horn.