If you’re self-taught, you might have struggled with direction issues.

“Direction issues?”

Yeah, you know, when you start coding a new project and then suddenly you hit a wall and you go down the Stack Overflow rabbit hole and then you get hungry and tired and then suddenly this project doesn’t seem too doable anymore so you remember about that Udemy course you’ve been wanting to do and might seem like a good idea to start now and then you’re like “why am I even starting a new tutorial?”

Sounds familiar?

Create a checklist.

Why? Because it gives you order and direction. Create it and stick to it. Set your week’s schedule around it. Make the items your goals.

One of the most underrated stages of learning to code by yourself is the initial planning stage. Coding just because could get you far but not necessarily.

If you’re just starting out, research. Decide what kind of developer you want to be or perhaps even check my roadmaps’ post.

If you already started and are feeling a bit lost: create a checklist. You’ll thank me later.

“The reason most of us give up on a goal is because we don’t see results.”.

That’s why we create checklists. Checklists are your best friends and they are an antidote to this.

What I’ve Been Doing

React. React. React.

I created a checklist and what’s the first item? React.

I’ll share more during the week.