Because curiosity itches, if you don’t know what Chingu is, you can go check it out here and then come back.

TL;DR: a team of remote web developers is created and they build something.

Chingu provides the environment. But TBH, it is not completely clear to me EXACTLY what Chingu does.

Many of us starting out frequently get the advice to “pair program”, but “with who?”, “what do we build?”, “will I really learn enough?” or “what if I know more than the other person?” Chingu attemps to solve all these issues.

So if you’re starting out and want to connect with other web developers in a more real working environment sense, maybe take a shot with me at Chingu! If it doesn’t call your attention, but would like to know more then just wait because I will continue to share my experience. :) In any case, here is the application form.