I’ve always struggled to center items with a fixed width. Every time I set a specific width for an element I was never quite sure how to bring it to the middle. Often, I ended up changing my design idea to avoid dealing with the issue.

Today I re-discovered the solution: margin: 0 auto;. This is one of the first things they show you in an HTML/CSS course. If you want to center an item with a fixed width, regardless of whether you’re using grid or flexbox, setting the side margins to auto will give you what you want.

What I’ve Been Doing

This is my first version of my pomodoro timer and this is the repo in case you want to check it out. Like I said before, it is very simple and focused on the functionality, although the design might change in the next few days.

Just like every other day, yesterday I was reflecting on the web developer I want to become: “on what kinds of projects would I like to be working on? Is it web pages or web apps that I want to be building? Is it both? Do I prefer front-end or back-end? How important is design for me?” These are some of the questions that I was asking myself. This is an ongoing exercise for me, meaning that I’ve been asking and will probably continue to ask myself these and related questions.

“But what about the answers?, you might ask. Well, I know and I don’t know. Because I want to work remotely I have two roads: working remotely for a private company or freelancing. These roads have their own tangents but that’s what it is, generally speaking.

If my goal is working for a private company, then I think that design is not that important and that I should focus more on trendy technologies such as React. On the other side, if my goal is freelancing, perhaps it’s best to be able to build nice looking projects and focus on the technologies I like the most instead of on the trendiest. At the moment, I gravitate more towards freelancing although I do not discard any possibilities or opportunities.

(I just made a 1-hour pause to research about freelancing and my thoughts are still the same)