It’s been about a month since my last post, and not two weeks like I promised. This is due to burnout. I won’t make this a long post about what burnout is or if it exists or not (there is actually a debate on that). This post is just to let you guys know that due to burnout and school I’ve paused the Leap of Faith.

At the beginning, I mentioned that my main goal as of now was school. As finals have been approaching, I’ve been spending more time working and in consequence more time recuperating. I also mentioned that what I was doing for the LOF was basically bonus because the three months haven’t started yet. That being said, I’m NOT quitting the LOF. This is just a temporary pause or slow down until I finish what I started. The LOF plan, as it was originally stated, is still running. If you’ve been following the leap, stay tuned because more will come. If you’re new, stay tuned as well, the best is yet to arrive.