On The New Plan:

Okay, so here’s the plan: build. What will I do for the next 4 weeks? Several things. The underlying guide, syllabus or road to follow will be based on two things: THE roadmap and JavaScript 30. The former is what I’ve been mentioning for the past days. The latter is a course.

JS30 is a free online course where you build 30 projects for 30 days. I believe it is a good idea for several reasons: it is free, it is short (the videos range from 10min-30min), it is completely hands-on, it is vanilla JS, and it exposes me to building stuff with some guidance. Other than that, I’ll keep building my projects.

The next weeks, up until the last of December and the first of January, I’ve organized somewhat like this (each day I shall complete the JS30 project of the day): the first week (starting tomorrow) I’ll build 3 mobile responsive pages using grid, with a functional nav bar and bonus points if I add some interactivity such as a slider; the second week I’ll build my portfolio and migrate the LoF from WordPress to an originally built blog; the third week I’ll deploy all of my un-deployed websites, either to Heroku or GitHub pages, and I’ll look for a repo to start contributing.

All of this, you’ll be able to follow on GitHub. Once all of that is completed, I’ll decide what should be for the last two weeks of December. They should consist, in general, on building some of the ideas I’ve been jotting down such as a quote generator, a tic tac toe, a rock paper scissors, among others. I’ll keep you posted. Wish me the best!