I have an aspiration of possibly making out of Leap of Faith a long term project for aspiring self-teaching coders. In other words, I’ll be documenting my progress as precisely as possible—and as time allows me—in order for others, once my path is made and I’ve been successful, emulate the path as much as they want. I think it makes sense because of the fact that, as of now, the Leap of Faith is rather productivity aimed.

Anyway, this is the first post of a series of post written in a journal manner. In it, and in the next ones, you’ll see the way I think and feel at certain moments, for example, when facing certain tasks or challenges. Most of the times it’ll just be a summary of what I’ve done on that day. Some posts will be longer than others. I will try to theme the posts’ titles besides adding the date to make it a bit less tedious. I don’t know. Bear with me for the moment. I’m improvising and this will slowly take some form and have more sense. For now, just think of this as a coder’s journal.

November 5th, 2018

Today I worked with Colt Steele’s The Web Developer Bootcamp. I watched all of the Bootstrap 4 recently added content. Also, I organized my calendar and set some temporary deadlines. I figured I would watch the whole course before starting to code so I could have the fundamentals overall. I also decided to have completed The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp course by the end of November, that way I could start coding fully in December.

Since this is the first journal entry, I’ll comment on the side some more stuff. Remember that I am paving a new way of my own. You’ll see in the next entries (I know now because I’m posting all this past week at once, but this won’t be the case for the upcoming weeks) that I change a little bit. I’m being flexible without jeopardizing the essence of my goals, just like my impossible web dev list says. If this path was an already set one, I would certainly be more strict, but at the moment I don’t really know how to structure everything because I’m learning in the way. In other words, as I pave my way, I have to decide what makes more sense at certain moments.