On Colt Steele’s The Web developer Bootcamp: completed the sections on data associations and on implementing them to the YelpCamp course project; and on authentication (sign up, log in, log out). Although I feel tempted to code along with Colt, or rather watching the videos on the section and then implementing what I learned on YelpCamp or a personal side project, I’ll continue with the initial plan on finishing the course before next week.

Next week I’ll start the advanced,which I believe starts with a section on CSS flexbox. I’ll try to have a simple web app written with JavaScript so that I can start coding along with what I learn on each section and apply it to that side project. One thing’s for sure and it’s that I won’t be just watching the videos; I’ll practice after each section or group of related sections and, ideally, implement it to a personal and real side project. Possibility: practice Advanced Web Dev Bootcamp on fCC.

I changed the intro on the front page of the LoF to a more minimalistic intro “Welcome to the Leap of Faith: A web development self-teaching documentation. Read the full story here.” Installed VS Code to start coding on Javascript but realized I didn’t remember almost anything so I started the Javascript section on FCC and realized that they expanded the curriculum.