Of Colt Steele’s Web Development Boocamp, I reviewed the previously watched essential episodes of the Javascript sections: while loops, for loops, objects, arrays and methods. I also reviewed the Node JS and Express sections and started with the never before watched section of Intermediate Express, meaning working with POST requests and EJS.

I realized that the initial plan of watching both courses completely before November would be too taxing and not as productive. I figured it’d be best to complete the Bootcamp course by the end of the week and start coding next week. The way I will do it is to watch lessons from The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp course in the morning and code in the afternoons. This way I would practice all the information that I’ve already been exposed to, but at the same time integrate new and current technologies such as React, AJAX, etc. This is also due to my energy levels. I notice that I do not retain as much information as in the mornings so it all just makes sense naturally. I think this is going to be the way to go.

I decided to synthesize or summarize my days and have a post per week. Also currently debating whether to “promote”, “market” or expose LoF now while it’s growing or start promoting a little bit further when I have something to proof. At the moment, December sounds right. Depending on how next week’s coding goes, I might consider setting a deadline for having at least 3 functioning Javascript apps for December; they could be simple but they have to work (bonus points if they have some nice looks or style).