On Progress:

Since the beginning of the Leap of Faith, I’ve been casually reading articles and blog posts on self-teaching testimonials, examples and recommendations. Most of these articles I keep in my handy Pocket tool and I have them ready for when I’m taking public transportation. There are a few of these articles that I’ve kept close to my heart in an un conscious manner. Articles that I know are there, that I’ve read, but that I tend to come back at certain points along the road. “Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard” is one of those articles that I keep revisiting. It maps out the phases of learning to code starting with the honeymoon phase, followed by the cliff of confusion, desert of despair, and upswing of awesome up until job ready. I believe I find myself in the transition from the cliff of confusion to the desert of despair.

On Building Projects:

Today was specially “slow”. I’m working on my portfolio on this typewriter effect. It took me hours to solve and I kinda felt as the article says: “it feels like each victory was gained only by a stroke of lucky Googling”. In the end it looks cool, but I don’t feel the satisfaction and confidence that I knew how to do it beforehand and I did it.

I also feel like I already know enough to start building projects, but at the same time like I don’t. Yesterday, I was checking out some resources a web developer recommended and as I read some of the courses’ curriculum I was certain that I knew everything they thought. The problem comes when I have to face that empty text editor: “what do I do?”

It’s really not as bad as it sounds. I can get stuff done. It just takes me a lot of time and I know that, in comparison with a job ready developer, it shouldn’t really take me that much. This is a bit awkward sharing about how weak I feel today. I still want to put it here because deep inside I know that one day I’ll be working as a professional web developer and this would hopefully serve as encouragement to others that find themselves in the same situation that I am today.

On Contributing:

I decided to start contributing for some part of my day. Because of my familiarity with the app, I’ve decided to locally set up Habitica and start contributing. However, I didn’t come close to setting it up. Downgrading MongoDB to the version they require has been an odyssey. I only managed to uninstall it and I spent more than an hour on it.

Habitica works with Vue.js, Node.js, Bootstrap, and other technologies I have touched before. I think that jumping into that water and doing small tasks like fixing little bugs or enhancing the UI will give me an educational exposure to team working and also professional code. That can further expand my knowledge, practice and confidence. Lastly, I’m contributing and that is always satisfactory.

On A Meetup:

Yesterday I went to my first Meetup. It was about freelancing. Because I am in a foreign country where I’m still learning the language I barely got anything from the conference. On top of that, not only the language was an obstacle to my understanding, the topic was focused on freelancing in this particular country. This meant talking about local paperwork and legal stuff. I still managed to jot down a few things you’d have to do before becoming a freelancer here, in case I would ever need it.

I’m still happy I broke the ice of the Meetups. It’s been a while since I’ve been wanting to try that so finally…I did it! I’ll try to do a Meetup weekly. The next ones will definitely be more focused on web development. Speaking of which, next one is on Tuesday and it’s on React and Angular!

On JS30:

I left the best news for last. Today’s JS30 challenge had to do with array exercises. The instructor called it “array cardio”. I managed to solve 7 out of the 8 exercises. They had to do with array methods that I’ve mentioned before such as map, reduce, sort, etc. That definitely gave me some confidence. As always, this and everything before mentioned is on my GitHub and soon to de deployed.

I’ll be signing off for now. Thanks for reading. Till the next one!